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Presto (prĕs′tō) : In music - a very fast tempo, usually considered to be faster than allegro but slower than prestissimo. Used chiefly as a musician's or conductor's directive (by a music composer) for tempo or playing speed. In general usage, presto means so suddenly that magic seems involved, a magician's phrase; right away.[3] 

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In music

  • Presto is an Italian language tempo performance direction indicating that a passage might be played with quick speed, faster than vivace.  Metronome speeds 100-152 beats per minute (some sources suggest 168-208 bpm)[4] - since a range of speed values may apply, musical-artistic judgment applies.  


In entertainment


  • Rinspeed Presto, a Swiss concept (Roadster car vs. passenger car) originating from 2002 that could stretch itself between 2-seat and 4-seat configurations.  It transforms itself in a few seconds from a two-seater roadster to a 3.7-meter long four-seater with plenty of room for the rear-seat passengers. The additional space can also be used as a pick-up bed for cargo when the rear-seat backrests are folded down.[10] 
  • Hyundai Excel, a car additionally known as the Hyundai Presto in South Korea



People, Other uses

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