Pro-Tec Ace SXP Mens Skate Helmet

One of the most recognizable helmets around, the Pro-Tec Ace Skate SXP Helmet is packed full of features to ensure the safety of skaters from the novice to the pro. One of the best being the Multi-Impact SXP Liner which has a built-in rebound control so that once the liners have been compressed the SXP technology shines through rebounding the liner so that you have the impact-absorption at the ready. A hard-shell construction of the injection-molded ABS shell is lightweight and durable. With 16 vents at the ready you shouldn't sweat up a storm, but if you do, you'll have plenty of air moving through cooling you down and doing its best to keep you dry. The Pro-Tec Ace Helmet is a powerful piece of protective gear for all skaters but a staple for those aggressive skaters who fear very little, if anything. [+]