Putterwood Putterwood JXS-B Matte Black Putter

The Sorenson Golf Putterwood JXS-B Matte Black Putter blends the successful putter design that has been working for 450 years with 21st Century technologies to deliver the most advanced putter on the market. The JXS-B head features extreme heel shafting, creating the optimal face rotation during the stroke for precision direction. The hollow core design gives the JXS-B a uniquely solid feel, an extraordinary sound, and an amazing roll as the ball comes off the face with the ideal energy transfer from the putter head to the ball. The greatest putters of all-time have all used a putter that was shafted at the extreme heel, including Bobby Jones, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Crenshaw, and Phil Mickelson. The Putterwood takes that same design feature and blends it with the latest in putter manufacturing to offer the greatest breakthrough in golf club design since the inception of the metal wood. Additional features: [+]