Pyramid: Northern Lights

One of the most popular plants in the cannabis world. This variety is small, robust, fleshy leaves, deep green color and strong smell, which can cause problems in indoor growing if not installed some good filters to remove odor.Our Northern Lights is a former phenotype that today is hard to find. We have presented in two competitions in which cannabis has been awarded with the "1st Prize Hydroponics" in "Bella Flor 2006" and "2nd Prize" in "Hydroponics Spannabis 2007", only surpassed by our Nefertiti. As you can see, an ideal plant for growing in hydroponics, although all substrates behaves phenomenal.Genetics: Sativa 10% / Indica 90%   Production: 350 gr.Flowering int.: 55 - 60 days   Height: 60 to 90 cmFlowering ext.: September   THC: 19% [+]