Qingdao Cloud Seaside Hostel

Qingdao Cloud Seaside Hostel locates in the villa residential area, it's very nice, quiet and full of birds' singing.

Inner of the house has two floors. First floor has a big long balcony to see the sea and drink coffee at the iron nice tables. There are 4 rooms this floor: 1 big-bed room with a single toilet, single balcony, big french sash to see the sea, single room for wearing. 1big-bed room with a single balcony, big french sash to see the sea. 1 room is for 6 boys, 3 wooden bunk bed, two big clean windows. 1 room with two beds for two persons. On the second floor, it is an attic, big hall to play games,watch TV, read, write postcards or do nothing except looking at the sea by handrail. 2 rooms on this floor,1 room is for 4 girls,4 wooden bed.1 room has two beds,can see the sea through the window too.

In Qingdao Cloud Seaside Hostel, wonderful sea view is avaailble, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

What others we do:
WiFi / Cook in Kitchen / Posing Postcard / Rental bicyle / Outdoor facilities rental / Barbecue / Party / Camping / Shooting / Walking tours / Breakfast provided