Quesada Jalapa Belicoso · 6.12 × 52

Featuring a substantial 6.12 x 52 size and an expertly executed tapered head, the limited-edition Quesada Jalapa Belicoso is a top-quality Quesada to consider (while you still can!) when buying handmade premium cigars online.Handcrafted with a patiently aged blend of Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Connecticut broadleaf long-filler tobaccos, the Quesada Jalapa Belicoso cigar is finished with an impossibly impressive, soft, and smooth Nicaraguan natural wrapper in a lush light-brown color. The recipe within the Quesada Jalapa Belicoso results in a smoking experience with a medium-to-full-bodied strength profile and a flavor that is warm, rich, bold, and sweet, not unlike strong coffee with cream. Packed in boxes of 10 cigars, the handmade premium Quesada Jalapa Belicoso makes a rewarding choice for cigar fans shopping to buy robust yet refined, sharply shaped cigars online. [+]