R5 might refer to:

Roads or Railroads



  • Jaguar R5, a Jaguar Racing car for the 2004 Formula One season
  • Renault 5, a French automobile
  • A Member of Group R, a world rally championship car class


  • Kinner R-5, a popular engine for light general and sport aircraft
  • Polikarpov R-5, a reconnaissance biplane widespread in the Soviet Union before World War Two
  • Sikorsky R-5, an early USAF designation of Sikorsky S-51 helicopter, changed to H-5
  • Thomas-Morse R-5, a 1920s American racing aircraft


  • Regjeringskvartalet, a building in the Norwegian Government quarter (Norw. Regjeringskvartalet)


  • R5 assault rifle, a variant of the South African R4 assault rifle compact carbine
  • R-5 (missile), a theatre ballistic missile developed by the Soviet Union throughout the Cold War

Medicine or Chemistry

Other uses