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Raccoon Fighter have always been confident: quietly so. Which comes as a blatant departure from their music, which is not - quiet that is. It can only be described as a three part, tumultuous rock ‘n’ roll/ blues assault on the senses. Their sound consists of a gritty, cathartic blend of musical bravado and camaraderie that propels you forward. The gravely, enigmatic vocal offerings of Sean Gavigan combine and compete with those of Gabe Wilhelm and his hypnotic and visionary basslines, while Zac Ciancaglini adds a sharpness and drive rhythmically. With three stellar songwriting talents under one roof, the result is an infectious powerhouse.

”Pleasantly seductive, slinky style of raw rock” – the Deli Magazine

“Brooklyn’s latest top-shelf indie export” – Chaos Magazine

“Mark my words, you hear it here first, etc: You will be a fan of this band in the very near future” – Brooklyn Ski Club

“small band, big sound” -Dirty Fucking Hipster

“Just away from rock revivalism and into something fresher.” -Bushwick BK

“The supple sonic waves hark back cross the pond to Brit Invasion trailblazers the Troggs and Hollies, before their antecedents locked themselves in the garage and turned that soulful R&B rock sound raw.” – Philadelphia Weekly

“Kurt may have passed on, but his style lives on in bands like Raccoon Fighter that blend hard-edged lyrics and melodies with a really emotive lead singer. Same goes for other pioneer bands that had similar-sounds, like The Pixies. One review called Raccoon Fighter “great, raw rock;” that’s damn right.” – Bits and Watts

Guilt Free Pleasures “particularly tantalizing”

Turn Up The Sound “raw rock and roll”

“Drawing on influences including Iggie Pop, the Pretty Things, and the Rolling Stones, Raccoon Fighter has created a unique sound and secured its place in the burgeoning New York City indie music scene.” -Eardrum NYC

“In the same vein of bluesy garage rock as Detroit bands like The Greenhorns.” -Best New Bands [+]