Radar Skis Satori Slalom Water Ski 2016

The Radar Skis Satori Slalom Water Ski was made for the freeride skier who loves to experience it all. It's super easy to use and perfect for the long rivers and wide lakes. The Satori is sometimes the first slalom ski people get on and their love of water skiing only increases. It's very easy to use and learn on. Built on a Paulownia Wood Core/ABS Sidewall, you'll have a tip-to-tail flex and great turning capabilities. The wider surface area toward the tip makes carving and turning easier even at slower speeds when you need buoyancy. The flat bottom design allows you to maximize those boosts off wake. The Prime Binding has a lower cuff and soft tongue so you have plenty of mobility, comfort and ease of entry. Its Symmetrical Footbed has a well-defined heel cup and arch and double lacing allows you to dial in an excellent fit. When it comes to ease of use and versatility, the Radar Skis Satori Slalom Water Ski is a great buy. [+]