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radii Footwear

Headquartered in Southern California, Radii (ray-dee-eye) Footwear® brings an unbridled passion for art and couture to the world of sneakers and high-end footwear. Launched in 2008, Radii, defined as a range of influence, set forth to show there is no limit to fashion, creative styling, and opportunity. The goal of Radii Footwear is to exceed the expectations of the current consumer climate by offering quality products, creative concepts, comfort, and value. Available in a range of adult through child and toddler sizes, these cutting edge sneakers offer a unique, modern finish to any look. The Radii Footwear creative team thrives off the principles of functionality and fashion-forward ingenuity. From futuristic designs and materials to classic styling and detailing, each shoe exudes confidence for the ambitious forward-thinkers of the world. [+]