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##rainMKERS duo to release Brooklyn-Eletro album in 2015
rainMKERS is the collaboration between vocalist/songwriter Evan Russell Saffer (ERS, Fixer) and beatmaster/magic-maker DJ Laptop. The music is equal parts dance/dub/house beats with ERS powerful melodic vocal delivery and catchy electro guitar riffs. The backstory:
UK born DJ Laptop (aka Martin Kester) was vacationing in the US in 2007 and found himself watching ERS sing full force to a packed house at the legendary New York City rock club CBGB.
DJLaptop: “I was early for the show at CBGB so got to see the band line-check. “A bit more delay on the mix” commanded the singer, and as they played a few bars, he sang, his voice started at a middle pitch really loud, and started to glide upwards getting louder, with more vibrato and power with a real raw throaty quality. It just kept going, getting louder and higher, with more vibrato until it reached a soaring height and volume, and just held there for what seemed like forever as the room appeared to shake. Everybody was forced to turn and look at the source of this incredible sound. I’d never heard anything like it: we had all been blinded by this singing. The band then launched into a frenzy of raw punky rock with catchy vocal hooks featuring this unworldly voice. I was an immediate fan.”
Having never been formally introduced in 2007 he has sinced followed Evan’s career from afar. Skip to 2012 ERS is working on his second solo album (The Opponent) and places an ad for a beatmaker and electronic music producer to help him evolve his sound. Laptop responds with a full explanation of the backstory and a motivation to work together having relocated to the US. He joins the team and The Opponent is released and tour follows.
After two solo albums under the artist name Evan Russell Saffer (Neon Gas – 2010, The Opponent – 2013 both available on www.ersband.com) and a revolving door of players, ERS and DJ Laptop have partnered and been working for the last year primarily just the two of them, programming and writing the next album. The forthcoming album will be a full length self titled release due in 2015 under the new moniker rainMKERS (MK -Martin Kestner + ERS – Evan Russell Saffer = rainMKERS). The duo are gigging regionally circulating free singles and merch and building on the fanbase with an electronic dance punk party. Check out the video for One Friend remix and sign up for the email list on www.rainMKERS.net and follow @rainMKERS on Twitter! [+]