Rave Aqua Jump Eclipse 200 Trampoline and Waterpark 2016

New and improved, Rave's Aqua Jump Eclipse Trampoline and Water Park allows you hours of bouncy fun without hours of putting it together. Designed to be long lasting without the heavy steel bars (it's 30% lighter and 50% faster to set up), The Aqua Jump Eclipse Trampoline gives you 65 square feet of jump surface (30% more) capable of holding 3 adults or 6 children. Featuring 28 oz reinforced PVC, 1,000 Denier, Heat-Welded Seams you'll have a strong and durable trampoline to last summer after summer. Plus it has been anti-mold and mildew treated as well as UV-Treated so the brutal summer sun and elements won't wreak havoc on the Aqua Jump Eclipse Trampoline. Included with the water park is a Aqua Log which is fun to play on when not jumping and the Aqua Launch which is a blast - one person sits on the end, another jumps from the trampoline and sends that first person high in the air and into the water. Hours of good times, day-after-day, Rave's Aqua Jump Eclipse Trampoline and Water Park is family-fun entertainment built to create great memories. [+]