Rave Pontoon Slide Water Trampoline Attachment

Sure you could jump from your pontoon boat into the water but why not attach a slide and add a little more excitement. Rave's Pontoon Slide can do just that. This commercial grade slide is simple to use and can inflate in only five minutes. And those five minutes can equal hours of fun! The 9 Foot slide surface contain 2-slider centering air chambers, four-inset vinyl molded footsteps and two vinyl assist handles at the top all so that you can get things going and keep things safe and secure while in use. When it's time to call it a day you can easily deflate the slide and roll it up to the size of a sleeping bag. What's the easiest way to inflate the Pontoon Slide again? Well, this item includes a 12V high-pressure inflator/deflator that can run off of the pontoon battery. High quality and quality fun, the Rave Pontoon Slide is this summer's best way to add more excitement on the pontoon boat. [+]