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Real Niggas N-Corporated

Young Hopeless B.K.A. Benny Franco (nee' Darius Mays); was born June 28, 1989 in Hammond, IN. Hope grew up the hard way often emulating the most fucced up people in the neighborhoods he called home. But it wasnt until he was 16 when he had his first real run in with law enforcement. Hope caught a robbery case and was sentenced to 12 years at 17 years old. He wasn't supposed to be released until 2016! But while he was incarcerated putting together his own master plan (R.N.C.) his mother, Antoinette Banks, was on the streets laying the foundation going to law school and founding her own business (Banks Paralegal Services). She filed a post conviction relief and got him released from prison on Feb 27th 2012. Hope hit the streets on a mission. While he had been caged up he had plenty of time to sit back and strategize. Hope wrote several urban novels, wrote hundreds of songs and produced a multitude of artwork. Hope's goal is to N-Corporate all of his talents along with the people around him to make Real Niggas N-Corporated the biggest thing since baking soda mixed with cocaine!! [+]