Red Tape Riot

Red Tape Riot is an original indie rock band from Detroit, Michigan. RTR has a sound that is unlike any other band on the market today, yet they are main-stream enough to capture an audience on your local radio stations.

RTR’s professionalism and reliability has not only boosted their following but has also brought praise from local venues. They have never missed or canceled a concert or event and sweat it out with a 100% percent effort every night under the lights. They have performed along side such acts as Brian Vanderark (The Verve Pipe), Ty Stone, The Pink Spiders, Knee Deep Shag and many other talented regional and local artists. They have consistently shown that they can not only draw a crowd, with their steady and loyal fans, but they can also keep existing customers inside and having a great time.

Their original groove driven rock has proven to be a winning sound in the Detroit Rock Scene. [+]