Rhino Rack Master Fit 19.5 Cargo Box | Wiki & Review | Everipedia

If you are looking for a durable and easy cargo box for your vehicle look at the Rhino Rack Master Fit 19.5. With a whopping 19.5 cubic feet of storage space you can transport up to 8 pairs of skis up to 210cm long so you can drag your entire quiver to the mountain for fun, even the big boards. Not just for skis the Master Fit 19.5 has the space for 6 snowboards, golf clubs or any other luggage you need to take on your next vacation. It can open from both sides to make loading and unloading very convenient. The aerodynamic and durable ABS and ASA materials will protect your gear from salty highways and the other elements. If you want a large box for your large vehicle the Rhino Rack Master Fit 19.5 can pack it all in. [+]