Ride Compact Womens Snowboard 2016

The Ride Compact Snowboard is a great all-mountain freestyle board to keep you performing at your very best from the peak of the mountain all the way into the park. The LowRize Rocker is a twin design with the contact points out of the snow and just enough rise to get you through the soft stuff. Slimewall Sidewalls boast the technology that absorbs impacts so your board can last longer even if you're slamming on rails all day and also smoothes the interaction you have between the snow, wood and metal. Slimewalls make the Compact virtually indestructible. Created with a Membrain Top, this board is not only lightweight but also has a great visual appeal. With a Foundation Tuned Core, you'll have tip-to-tail Aspen wood for proven durability without restricting the awesome pop and flex you want. It's been the number one seller before and we expect the Ride Compact Snowboard to hold up to its expectation and continue being an awesome all-mountain freestyle performer. [+]