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Ride DVA Womens Snowboard Bindings 2016

If you're the kind of rider that wants the whole mountain to be your playground then you'll want to ride these Ride DVA Snowboard Bindings. They offer up plenty of performance and lots of features to keep you improving and help you shred at your very best. The Aluminum Edge Chassis System gives you versatile all-mountain performance with insane amounts of durability. That aluminum is Aircraft Grade 6061 Aluminum so it's incredibly tough. Outfitted with the Slimeback SB Highback, you'll find the ride a lot smoother as well as notice a more consistent flex and greater support. With its ThinGrip Toe Strap and Freestyle Ankle Strap, you'll be locked in with plenty of grip and lots of comfort. Finally, the Wedge Footbed keeps your ankle and knees aligned adding to your performance and keeping your body in good shape so you can ride for decades to come. Freestyle-driven and lots of support, the performance-focused Ride DVA Snowboard Bindings is perfect for any beginner to advancing intermediate female shredder looking to crush it anywhere and everywhere. [+]