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Ride Hellcat Womens Snowboard 2016

From the peak to the park, you'll rain destruction from the Ride Hellcat Snowboard. This board is basically saying 'Get Outta My Way!' The Hybrid LowRize gives you the combination of playfulness and responsiveness so you can go anywhere and accomplish anything. The Popwalls Sidewall generate better stability and enhanced response. The Performance Tuned Core boasts a combination of woods so that you ride on a strong, yet light, board and the Cleave Edge Steel is all about creating durability and nearly unmatched resistance to edge cracking. Outfitted with Hybrid Glass, you can expect better balanced torsion and stiffness so that you have greater response with speed. So if you want a ride that's stable, responsive and fun no matter where you go, then you'll want to get on the Ride Hellcat Snowboard. [+]