Ride KX Snowboard Bindings 2016

The Ride KX Snowboard Bindings are made for the beginner-intermediate to intermediate rider looking for a smooth ride and lots of support. The KX is built with a Spectrum Chassis System which is lightweight and offers a stance correct heel cup. The Wedgie Footbed is a great feature that aligns your ankles and knees to a more natural and comfortable position while also allowing you to get a nice pop. The KX is outfitted with the Slimeback DE Highback which was made to help the rider tackle everything on the mountain. It's great at absorbing shock and dampening vibrations so you have a nice, smooth ride from the peak to the base. With the RAD Ankle Strap and ThinGrip Toe Strap you'll have plenty of support and grip so you can perform at your very best and stay situated inside the bindings comfortably. Made mostly for the park, the freestyle Ride KX Snowboard Bindings were built with progression in mind while remaining friendly to the wallet. [+]