Ride Rodeo LTD Snowboard Bindings 2016 | Wiki & Review | Everipedia

The Ride Rodeo LTD Snowboard Bindings is the ultimate when it comes to an freestyle fanatic. The Rodeo provides core mobility and premium flex whether you are throwing a backside 9 in the jump line or when you need that buttery smooth feel pressing a 15 stair. The Slimeback LTD highback is lightweight and has a larger flat back with thinner construction for maximum side to side flex. The Wedgie footbed gives you the leverage you want when you really want to press the board for a huge pop. The 3D Thingrip toe strap provides a better fit and better grip so you will have no slip while in the Rodeo. The Ride Rodeo LTD Snowboard Bindings were made for the intermediate-to-expert level daredevil that loves the park and spends their time figuring out how to execute their next impressive round of tricks. [+]