Riedell Moxi Lolly Strawberry Womens Outdoor Roller Skates 2016 | Wiki & Review | Everipedia

Outdoor roller skating is back! The Riedell Moxi Lolly Strawberry Womens Roller Skates are your old school skates, as opposed to the modern rollerblade skates. The retro look keeps your look cool and trendy. The Moxi Lolly Skate features a Suede Leather boot in a fashionable color designed with an old style lace-up system for a classic high-top boot skate unlike any other. The plate is a PowerDyneThrust Nylon Plate with an off-set toe stop and stabilizing foot plate. Step out with The Moxi Lolly Strawberry Roller Skates and have fun while looking too cute. [+]