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Right On Right On

Good Vibes and Good Times! That's what to expect from Right On, Right On. Whether jammin' out a rock riff, rollin' on a reggae feel, groovin' out a funk jam, gettin' psychedelic on an ambient loop, wailin' on a ballad, weirdin' on jamtronic style, bustin' out some acoustic flavored hip-hop or sneakin' in the occasional eclectic cover, these guys will make sure to show you how much fun they're having. This all in the hopes that you will join them. Spend a night with them and you are bound to hear something you can't get out of your head. Built on friendship, smoke-filled tiny room jam sessions, backyard hangouts, 'til the sunrise campfire rounds and GoPro recorded improv sessions, Right On Right On is perpetually growing and you can hear it in their music. They let the music flow with their improvisational style. Each song is shaped each time they play it and by the moment in which it's played. This makes each time you experience a song different and... FRESH.
Having started with a different bass player, spending time as a three piece and now the addition of the synth, Right On Right On has a solid footing to direct its musical energy. An energy they exude every time they play and especially when they hit the stage. An energy they hope you come and reciprocate at one of their downright fun shows. An energy that will have you sayin' “Right On, Right On”! [+]