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Rise From The Fallen

Arisen from the depths of the Columbia Basin Rise From The Fallen is formed. A band consisting of the fallen brethren from bands of the past. These brethren joined in an unholy commune that knows only pain, hate, betrayal, defeat. With so much pain and suffering we Rise. Hailing from all corners of the Columbia Basin Rise From The Fallen Consists of members Duane Callahan (guitar), Joe Perez (b
ass), David Garza (drums), Josh Gober(samples) and new comer Tyler Tamburello (vocals) together the four artists have created a new breed of metal like none that has yet to be unleashed against the world UNTIL NOW. With brutal lyrics and shredding guitar riffs Rise From The Fallen brings all aspects and genres of metal into one brutal sound that captivates the mind body and soul. Powerful lyrics that depict the unholy truths of life and death that all can relate to. With the sole purpose to bring our message to the masses Rise From The Fallen starts its epic battle to the top of the Metal forefront with nothing that can step in the way and try to halt this assault, no one will be left unheard no stone will be left unturned Rise From The Fallen will spread the unholy gospel to the masses our message will be heard. A message from Hell to be unleashed …..You have been warned. [+]