The Story of ROBOT SHOW!!

Dec 1st 2006, in an abandoned military base, rogue government scientists and the world's top corporations secretly gathered to organize an outlaw robotics experiment. Combining the planets most sinister minds, these madmen sought to create a race of superior, rock & roll, robot musicians. By blending elements of punk, blues and metal these terrifying, yet crotch moistening monstrosities would create music so delicious that no one... not even indy fags or record store know-it-alls could resist!

Charging forward like the unstoppable machines they were built to be the experiment or code name - R.O.B.O.T S.H.O.W would use the media and broadcast systems to saturate the market and become the biggest sensation the world would ever know.
Once their plan was complete they would program subliminal robot lyrics to brainwash our hapless youth. Now mindless zombies, their brains could act as dry sponge, ready to soak up their company sponsored, product endorsed bullshit.

6 months after production was complete their sadistic plan was about to unveil itself, but something went wrong! Something their twisted minds didn't plan for! The robots they once created to destroy diversity rebelled! Their artificial intelligence collided with a cocktail of loose woman, marijuana cigarettes and 40oz malt liquor. They escaped into the night leaving behind their insidious masters.

Free! They took to the road and began their crusade to save our youth, but their betrayal would not go with out consequence. The scientists desperate to conceal their vile plans, quickly dispersed an army of highly trained ninjas.

Their only objective: Seek out and terminate all members of robot show!

Now constantly on the move surviving solely on the kindness of others they live a life of poverty and exile. Hunted by those who oppose them their struggle shows no end.

Thus their story continues and the revolution begins........................ [+]
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