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Roces Idea Free Kids Ski Boots 2016

The Roces Idea Free is a great ski boot for growing skier that parents love. When you make an investment in the Idea Free your child will have them for multiple seasons. The Idea Free can adjust from size 22.5, 23.5, 24.5 and 25.5 by simply turning the dial located on the heel to expand the heel pocket. By expanding the heel pocket the actual length of the sole does not change, meaning that your child's skis will not need to be re-drilled, but should be adjusted every season to accommodate for their weight change. A Velcro Strap will keep a firm wrap across their shins, and help them develop a feel for an adult ski boot. The Self Fitting Liner quickly adapts to the size of your skiers foot. If you want a ski boot that will fit your child for seasons to come, the Roces Idea Free is the perfect option. [+]