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Rogue Stereo

Rogue Stereo is the collective effort of four musicians dedicated to bringing back rock n roll. Featuring an unrelenting audio assault and catchy chant inducing choruses their sound will remain in your ear holes for years to come...this channel is dedicated to the daily shenanigans, awesome shows, and behind the scenes mechanics of Rogue Stereo...Dive In!

Ramiro Cazares Jr is from a small town in the middle of California called Ridgcrest. There he first learned how to play guitar, drums, bass and started working on his vocals. He then started a band with some high school friends in which they soon parted ways and he moved to San Diego for school. He joined a 2 previous bands before joining Rogue Stereo. He has a style that is very familiar to classic rock and hard rock.

John likes playing with fire and guitars. Sometimes both at the same time, though not often. He hopes to one day have his own skull shaped mountain stronghold on a remote island from which he can work out his plans for world domination through rock and roll.

Jason is most well known for his follicle prowess. When he is not grooming his facial hair he plays bass. His other interests include puppy dogs, bubble baths, long walks on short piers, as well as helping John plan for world domination.

Jerrin Mishar Foote is a San Diego native born and raised with a passion for music dating back to his first drum-set as a child. From hard practice and 8 years of playing concert music he would go on to play in various local bands covering every genre from death metal to indie-pop. Currently moonlighting in five different projects he brings the "heavy" to Rogue Stereo's melodic assault...he also drinks a lot of Blue Moon....BRING HIM BLUE MOON!!! [+]