Ronix District Wakeboard 2016

The Ronix District Wakeboard is a go-to board for those who want to play on the wake as much as they want to shred in the cable park. This versatile board truly performs in almost any condition. With a variable bevel edge, you'll have great edge transfer and hold and the versatile rocker line provide easy transition and soft landings which is good because this rocker will also help you pop off the wake. 2 traction channels in the middle of the board will give you acceleration into the wake and 4 traction channels in the tip and tail offer a more stable feel. There is also four flutes in the tip and tail which is for the cable riders looking for a cleaner lift helping you pull off those awesome air tricks. With the Ronix District Wakeboard, you'll be riding on a board that will adapt to your style of riding so that you can always be performing at your absolute best. [+]