Ronix Phoenix Project S Wakeboard

The Ronix Phoenix Project S Wakeboard is a versatile and technologically advanced board to give the rider everything they could want to perform at their very best. The board is designed to push all the way up the wake building energy instead of dampening it. This board boasts a diamond construction to provide you with a snow/skate feel when leaving the wake as well as more control on the on the rails. It's a smooth ride with a full center rail to create easier transferring from edge to edge. A more vertical sidewall in the tip and tail allows the board to ride higher on the water with more glide speed. Deep Symmetrical Channels means more acceleration thru and turn and a Subtle Tunnel provides more efficient water flow and stabilized landings. The rocker line helps make this board predictable. If you are looking for a highly versatile wakeboard that is super forgiving and tons of fun then look no further than the Ronix Phoenix Project S Wakeboard. [+]