Ronix Vault Wakeboard 2016

With the Ronix Vault Wakeboard you'll have an innovative design that will help maximize what you're able to do off the wake. By altering the profile, the Vault will get the most grip to the wake so you can have all the power you need to lift high off the water. Built with a Toeside Rail that was thinned out, you'll sit deeper in the water which creates additional grip. The Toeside Fins give you stronger and more stable edge hold by being deeper, longer and closer to the rail. To the heelside, you'll have a rail that's softer and fuller for a mellow transition and fins that are shorter for a quick release while allowing you to pull off some spin tricks. Ronix took a look at the demands of the rider and created a board that utilizes their position so they can perform at the best. Check out all that the Ronix Vault Wakeboard has to offer. [+]