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Roosterfish Brewing Co.

Roosterfish Brewing’s history begins in 1990 when the Wildflower Café was founded by owner Doug Thayer. A microbrewery was in the original plans for the business but was not feasible at the time due to the high cost of equipment and space. The Wildflower Café had enormous success, which helped the inspiration for the Crooked Rooster Brewpub’s opening in 1998, again founded by Doug Thayer. Throughout the running of these side-by-side businesses, Doug always had brewing on his mind and began to experiment in 2002 with home brewing. Receiving excellent feedback on his brews from several beer aficionados, Roosterfish Brewing’s first official beer, Black Walnut Nut Brown Ale (now known as Original Nut Brown Ale) was unveiled at the Crooked Rooster and Wildflower Café in 2004. This was shortly followed with the Butternut Pale Ale, now known as Dog Tooth Pale Ale. The drastic name changes occurred because the originals were rejected due to “implied ingredients” that weren’t actually present in the beers. [+]