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Rory Payne

I have been playing gigs around Dallas and a few other places for 10 years. I've been teaching high school for 8 years and am ending that career to focus on music. While I'll most definitely be dubbed "insane" for doing so, I just want to.
I recently release my first EP, "Lift Your Eyes" that is on a radio promotion campaign nationwide and in Europe.
My second record is coming shortly, around summer time.

I hold a Masters degree and grew up on a cotton farm.

I hold Kris Kristofferson and Leonard Cohen as my dearest influences. But, when people hear my song "Guns to the Wedding," many of them say they are reminded of Marty Robbins.

In world inundated songs about parties, it seems that many folks have forgotten that music needs to reach out to those who demand answers from life rather than assume the latest trend they are fed is fulfilling. I seek out those souls, not by offering such answers, but by honestly and fearlessly acknowledging the question. [+]