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Rossignol Alias Sensor 120 Ski Boots 2016

Just because you are a big guy and a strong skier it does not mean that you have a narrow foot so you need something that has an accommodating width and a stiff flex. You need the Rossignol Alias Sensor120 Ski Boots. At a 104mm last you have a performance boot that will fit all but the absolute widest of feet. With a 120 flex the Alias Sensor 120 packs the power that you need to drive your skis. Rossi's Sensor Fit Liner has a one piece toe box and tongue that will feel seamless over your toes and instep. An anatomically correct liner will reduce pressure on the most common pressure points - the forefoot. A self-shaping tongue will adapt quickly to the shape of your leg after only a few uses. The Neutral Stance of the Sensor 120 gives you slight ramp angle that will give you more control over your skis, better balance, and not fatigue you as fast. If you are looking for a boot that has a wide fit, without some wimpy soft flex, the Rossignol Alias Sensor 120 Ski Boots are the boots for you. [+]