Rossignol Experience 84 CA with Axium 110 Bindings Skis 2016 | Wiki & Review | Everipedia

The Rossignol Experience 84 CA is a perfect carving ski for intermediates looking to improve all the way up to the advanced skier seeking a quick and agile ski for medium radius turns on the groomers. Rossignol's Air Tip Construction pulls heavier material away from the tip of the ski for a lower swing weight and easy maneuvering. The Experience 84 uses a Paulownia Wood Core blended with Carbon that keeps the ski stable, no matter how fast you push it, but still very light and lively for quicker, tighter turns. The Auto Turn Rocker utilizes rocker in the tip for easy turn initiation, camber underfoot for a strong grip on the snow, and rocker in the tail for effortless exits of a turn. An Extended Sidecut engages more effective edge with the more you angulate your turns and less effective edge the less you tip the ski on edge for maneuverability and control at any speed. We do include a Rossignol Axium 110 Binding with this Experience 84. If you want a ski that is very easy to carve at any speed, and feels light and stable on your feet, the Rossignol Experience 84 CA is a perfect selection for you! [+]