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Rossignol Experience 88 Basalt Skis 2016

The Rossignol Experience 88 is one of the best selling and best skiing skis for the intermediate to expert level. The Air Tip moves the weight of the ski away from the tip to lower the swing weight to make it even more maneuverable than before. The Air Tip also helps the tips float better in powder and soft snow. The Auto Turn Rocker has rocker in the tip to keep you floating in the soft snow, keep a smooth ride when the groomers get crudded up by absorbing negative vibrations, and initiate quicker, easier turns when you want it to. The Camber underfoot will keep you stable and locked into your turns as you carve your way down a steep groomer. A slight amount of tail rocker will practically complete your turn for you. At 88mm you have the ability to carve and take on the double blacks when they have some fresh powder on them. The Poplar Wood core gives a very snappy feel while the layer of Basalt will give you power and stability without adding any extra weight. The Rossignol Experience 88 is one helluva ski for just about any skier. Get yours now while you can. [+]