The Rossignol Temptation 80 is the epitome of the perfect ski for the intermediate to advanced skier looking for a ski that is very easy to turn and control. At 80mm you have the ability to carve and turn on the groomers, even when they get a little choppy, and start to dabble in the ungroomed terrain. The Temptation 80 uses Auto Turn Rocker that has Rocker in the tip to help you initiate a turn quicker and easier than ever before, camber underfoot that will give you a firm grip on the snow and Rocker in the tail that will release you out of your turns very easily. The Air Tip in the Temptation line reduces the swing weight making it more maneuverable than ever before. The Extended Side Cut gives you a more effective edge with the more angle you put into your turns and less side cut the less angle you put into your turns making the Temptation 80 very easy to ski at higher and lower speeds at all turn shapes and sizes. A Paulownia Wood Core has a very lively feel and stability for all but the most aggressive skiers. If you're looking for a ski that ski almost effortlessly, be stable at all but the fastest speeds the new Rossignol Temptation will be a great ski for you. [+]