Rossignol Trixie, and Atomic Live Fit 60 Womens Ski Package 2016 | Wiki & Review | Everipedia

The Rossignol Trixie and Atomic Live Fit 60 is a perfect ski package for the beginner skier that has a wide foot that wants a forgiving ski to learn with. The Live Fit 60 utilizes two soft rubber panels located on the inside and outside of the foot that allow your foot to be supported and comfortable. The Live Fit Panels also aid in keeping your feet warm since they do not transmit cold temperature the same way that plastic does. The Rossignol Trixie is a soft and forgiving ski for beginners that does not require much skill or technique to make it react when and how it should. The Poplar Wood Core will provide stability when you need it, but will not cause the Trixie to feel heavy or demanding. If you are looking for a boot that is very easy to fit, and a ski that will be a great first set of skis, the Rossignol Trixie and Atomic Live Fit 60 is a great way to go. [+]