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RRD Addiction MKV Kiteboarding Kite

The RRD Addiction MKV Kite is among one of the premier speed kites on the market. RRD has used 5 reduced diameter, high pressure struts to give top notch strength while minimizing weight. Each strut has its own individual inflation tube allowing riders to maximize the internal pressure and strength - something not possible with a single pump inflation system. A flatter profile maximized wind power creating unbeatable speed and power. The leading edge has been highly segmented, creating a more responsive and controllable leading edge. This has been combined with the U-Bridal system for ultimate control when kiting. The flattened profile of the kite in combination with the 5 struts decreasing bar pressure allowing racers to focus their energy on the techniques of racing without being over burdened by kite pressure. Note: Due to the sheer size and intelligent design of this kite, the Addiction MKV Kite also performs incredibly well as a lightwind kite for twin tip riders and a ''psycho big air'' kite for Freestyle riders. [+]