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RRD Global Bar V6 Depower Control Bar

The RRD Global V6 Depower Control Bar text book example of simplicity in design. Based on the motto, ''you cannot break what does not exist,'' RRD has spend years developing the perfect, long lasting control bar. Using only the best materials and the highest quality construction, the Global V6 is a trustworthy and easy to use control bar that will enhance the flying of any RRD kite. An adjustable bar length allows for use with varying kites while color coordinated bar grips create an easy to use experience. Duel color coordinated oversized floaters guarantee that your bar wont sink after a long day in the water. The double chamber hollow tube ensures easy movement through the depower and safety lines for quick, efficient depower situation. Mounted below the bar, the depower system involves a rotoring head that provides easy safety leash attachment and untwisting movement at the same time. The grip is made of a composite glass/carbon mixture that is coated with soft grip material to keep your hands comfortable after a long day on the water. [+]