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RRD Religion MKV Kiteboarding Kite

The RRD Religion MKV is the culmination of over ten years of research and development into surf style kiteboarding. Possibly one of the most impressive features to using the Religion MKV is its almost unbelievably fast turning speed when on the water. The 3 strut structure in combination with the cutaway C-Shape design creates a fast moving kite that maintains air stability when riding. This kite features a natural drifting ability that is combined with highly effective depower making it the perfect wave riding kite. The entire kite, stitch to stitch is reinforced with heavy duty stitching and Dacron tape. The high abrasion areas are combined with a Kevlar/PU weave to prevent the kite from wearing through after repeated impacts. The single inflation pump system makes blowing up the kite quick and easy. The inflation tubes Velcro to the struts for protection. One of the coolest features on this kite is the Rear Pigtail Setting, which allows the rider to adjust the power level of the kite by changing the attachment points on the back lines. Get into the surf and enjoy the day with the beautiful and high performing RRD Religion MKV Kite. [+]