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Rupert Aquino

Rupert Aquino is a portrait and fashion photographer based in Toronto.[2] He has attracted a substantial following on Instagram and has over 30,000 followers.[2] He also has an Instagram account exclusively dedicated to film portraits.[11]


Life and Photography

One of Rupert
One of Rupert's Photographs

Rupert was born in the Philippines and moved to Canada. He was first was introduced to photography by a friend and first found an interest in taking pictures of people skateboarding. He transitioned into street photography before taking an interest in people, are the central subject of pictures on his Instagram. Rupert finds the eyes as the feature that stands out the most to people. Rupert's "honest portrait" philosophy when editing is to keep scars because it is something that has been apart of them for a long period of time and keeps his pictures original. Other than style, Rupert does not emotionally put himself in his photos.[3]