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Saints of Rebellion

I am the touring publicist and retail merchandise manager for the band SAINTS OF REBELLION (press release below).

SAINTS OF REBELLION is ready to release their brand of ‘Fusion Rock’ to the world. The band’s debut effort ‘New American Dream’ combines both retro and current musical styling’s into a fusion of in-your-face rock and roll you won’t soon forget.

SAINTS OF REBELLION music packs a rock-hard punch that you will identify with, but just can’t stereotype into a single style of music or into any one direction. ‘New American Dream’ is a culmination of years of songwriting combined with the life experiences of four very different musicians. The result is a captured energy and intensity that showcases the talent and sincerity of the band.

Vocalist Coby DeShazo’s powerful vocals offer a soulful and bluesy grace but, also blends in his own very modern-day style. The rhythm section is comprised of bassist/keys Jay Hitaffer and drummer/percussionist Ryche Green. These two combined create a dynamic rhythm section that channels the thunderous grooves of SAINTS OF REBELLION. The brute force that drives the music home is guitarist John Adams, who attacks his guitar with intense prowess.

The individual musical identities of the members in SAINTS OF REBELLION have managed to mesh it all together in ‘New American Dream’ – a unique and unforgettable sound that’ll get your blood pumping. From the first note to the last, SAINTS OF REBELLION is putting it all out there, loaded with universal emotion and sure to capture attention.

‘New American Dream’ is the introduction to SAINTS OF REBELLION who have set out to make a giant impression with their music and brand. Whether it’s gathering one fan at a time or many fans at once, SAINTS OF REBELLION is on a mission and there is nothing in sight to hold them back. [+]