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Salena Dabbs

Angry, loud, and provocatively bold aren't the first words you hear when someone talks about the pretty mixed girl with a voice right? But who cares about the norm nowadays, it's the 21st century. With titles like: "Drunk Bastard", "It Sucks", and "Where the F**k are You?" you already know Salena Dabbs candidness is too hott to handle but you love her for it anyway. Her lyrics are complicated, heartfelt, honest yet unapologetic. With a hybrid-rock sound that makes the most of her R&B roots, Salena's vocals can be painfully emotional in their softness or rage against world at the top of her 4 octave range.

She's a talent that has worked with music industry’s tastemakers and has used that experience to coexecutive produce her first LP Salvaged Doll. From coordinating her live show's look and feel to penning for international artists, this doll is kicking off 2015 with a cross promotional campaign with New York Leggings as well as scheduled live performance dates in NY and FL.

Get a glimpse of the bombshell vocalist as she unveils her live show and debut album “Salvaged Doll”. Salena's second single “Drunk Bastard” produced by Killah Beatz (Snoop Dogg, Lil Mama) and music video is slated to release this summer. Stay tuned! [+]