Salomon Q-115 Skis

The Salomon Q-115 is a fantastic all mountain/powder ski for the skier who is looking for great floatation in the deep stuff, but still wants a ski that will be able to maneuver and ski on the groomers from pow-stash to pow-stash. Salomon's Honeycomb Tip provides you with a low swingweight and a tip that cannot be sunk in uber-deep snow. The Tip and the Tail have taper to them that allow for easy pivots in tight trees, and a catch free feeling in untouched snow. The Q-115 is also built with a full wood core that has stability and speed, and just the right amount of flex for top speed, while still being easy to maneuver. If you are looking for a ski that will be able to give you float on the deepest days, but the ability to head anywhere you want it to go, the Salomon Q-115 will be a great selection. [+]