Salomon Quest Pro 100 W Womens Ski Boots 2016

The Salomon Quest Pro 100 W is a perfect boot for women that are looking for performance and comfort out of their boots. The 360 Degree Custom Shell can be baked by qualified ski shops to give you a totally dialed in fit. Once the shell is heated and placed on your foot, it only takes about 10 minutes to have the shell adapt to the shape of your foot. An aftermarket footbed strongly improves the shell molding process, as well at the fit and performance of the Quest Pro 100. Salomon also uses a 24mm Oversized Pivot that delivers power and control right to the edges of your wider, modern skis. When you feel like hiking the Hike and Ride Switch is located right on the back spine of the boot, with the simple flick of your wrist you get more rearward mobility, and better hiking ability. If you have had a hard time finding a boot that will get you a totally dialed in fit, the Salomon Quest Pro 100 W will solve just about any issues you may have. [+]