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Salomon X-Max 100 Ski Boots

The Salomon X-Max 100 is a perfect boot for advanced to expert skiers that prefer a narrow fitting boot that have always needed some slight tweaking. The X-Max Shell is fully customizable. Qualified ski shops have a special oven that they place the shell in to heat it. Once it is heated, the shell is placed on your foot. When it cools it molds perfectly to match the shape of your foot. The last of the boot starts at 98mm and can grow up to 104mm. An aftermarket footbed improves the molding process by setting your foot in a neutral position, and supporting your arch. The X-Max 100 has a 24mm Oversized Pivot that is going to give you more torque on wider skis for quicker, and stronger energy transfer. Salomon's Twinframe Construction is stiffer, and more rigid on the sole for stronger torsional power, and high performance. If you like a snug, narrow fit, but have always need slight tweaking, or shell shaping, the Salomon X-Max 100 will fit you like a glove. [+]