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Salomon X-Max 120 Ski Boots 2016

The X-Max 120 is a powerful ski boot for skiers that want a race like fit, but need more comfort. The X-Max 120 has a Twinframe Construction that has a stiffer plastic on the sole of the boot that makes it highly responsive at fast speeds, and eliminates torsional twisting. Salomon's 24mm Oversized Pivot bolts the upper cuff to the lower shell, and directs energy right to the edges of your skis to increase edge grip and power. The biggest and most important feature of the X-Max is the 360 Degree Custom Shell, which allows any authorized Salomon dealer to place the shell in a special oven to heat it up to 220 degrees. When the shell is hot enough the bootfitter will place them on your foot. As the shell cools it adapts the shape of your foot for an anatomically correct, comfortable, and performance oriented fit. If you need a race like fit and performance, but want a much more comfortable fit, the Salomon X-Max will be a great boot for you. [+]