Salomon X-Pro 70 W Womens Ski Boots 2016

The X-Pro 70 W from Salomon is designed to be a boot for the intermediate skier that has a medium to narrow foot, and medium leg shape. Salomon's My Custom Fit Sport Liner has 30% of the material that is Thermoformable by heat that can accelerate the breaking in process. The liner is also a woman's specific liner by having a narrower heel pocket to keep your foot secure. The X-Pro 70 has a Twinframe Construction that uses a stiffer plastic on the sole of the boot that reduces torsional twisting, and brings more responsiveness to your skis. The 24mm Oversized Pivot on the X-Pro connects the upper cuff to the lower shell, and drives energy right to the edges of your skis, and enhances performance. The X-Pro 70 W will be a great fit for you if you have a medium to narrow foot shape, and medium leg shape, and will take your skiing to the next level! [+]