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Sanction the Radio

“We were the kings and queens of futures.” It was in this mindset that Sanction the Radio found its beginnings. After trying his hand at playing solo for a while, Johnny Shumate decided to team up with Adam Mitchell in the summer of 2011. Shortly after, Stephen Adams and Will Stawn rounded out the group, and the quartet wasted no time in recording their debut EP in 2012.

Sanction the Radio’s music provides a rallying point for those of us who have felt at some point that we were “the adolescent architects. We were the renegades, the opposition.” Their lyrics deal with bold and emotionally raw questions (“How will I survive this sudden tragedy, the death of my own mind?”), but the music is catchy and unburdened by the weight of “the remnants of the virtue that I once held and loved.” Unafraid to confront the struggle to move forward in both their music and in everyday life (“There’s a bloody struggle going on inside my mind to burn the beast and leave the ashes far behind”), STR brings non-traditional guitar licks into their punk-tinged and biting brand of pop punk and breathes new life into a genre that’s littered with stereotypes and redundancies.