Sanguis Chardonnay Loner W10-A Bien Nacido Vineyard 2012

If Sanguis is my playground where anything goes (the ‘maximalist project), the wines bottled under the new ‘Loner designation are as stripped down and minimalistas it gets - from how they are made right down to the labels. ‘The Loners are varietal and vineyard-specific wines fermented on their indigenous yeasts with ample inclusion of whole clusters; there is no use of new oak, no racking, and of course no fining or filtration oh, and they are Burgundianby lineage. Had someone suggested that Id take this direction when I started making wine, I would have probably raised an eyebrow and shaken the head in dismissal what can one say: ‘frequently wrong but never in doubt but there are hundreds of different ways to arrive at the same end-result: Great Wine! So what these two share with the rest of the Sanguis wines is that they aim to be singular, expressive and beautiful. While Chardonnay can be a welcome component in some of the white Rhone varietal blends that we make under the Sanguis label, it can rather obviously be a stunning thing onto itself when grown in the right place (and tended to with the same respect that seems strangely reserved for the red varieties). In recognition of this potential, this minimalist Chardonnay is made within the same parameters ‘brought up in stainless steel and neutral oak barrels, whole cluster, etc., etc. From yet another young block, this one at the famous Bien Nacidovineyard in the cool foothills east of Santa Maria also a marginal-magical place where Chardonnay retains searing high acidity while achieving stunning ripeness delicate yet strong, subtle yet expressive, bright and vibrant singular/beautiful. [+]